Manufacturing Services

You need to know you can depend on your manufacturing partner to deliver solutions that align with your needs and goals. We understand that—and work closely with you to make that happen. We have decades of experience working on various products that span industries and applications.
3D Parts for Manufacturing Services
DMI specializes in new product development, time-to-market, and design for manufacturability. We solve your manufacturing challenges and turn your concept into a viable reality.

Industries Served

Diversified Machining services multiple industries, including:
  • Medical and industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Contract electronic manufacturing service providers (CEMs)
  • Engineering design houses
We can guide you through your design for manufacturability (DFM) on your parts and navigate new product introduction (NPI) with you. As well, Diversified Machining provides 3D printing as part of our manufacturing portfolio.

Design for Manufacturability

You want to know if it’s going to work—we get it. From inception to production and assembly to delivery—all the manufacturability elements need to run smoothly. Collaboration is the key to creating the solutions unique to any part or project. Our DFM process ensures we design to the right and precise specifications so you will have a fully functioning part—one that is produced efficiently, on time and within budget, and performs with the quality and dependability you and your customers require.

Maybe there is a shift in your industry that requires a redesign for compliance to a new regulatory requirement, such as RoHS, or other climate related issues. We can evaluate your current design and help make recommendations for modification in the design and manufacturing to fully comply with the new standards.

New Product Introduction

Product launch can be daunting. There are many variables to consider building up to that moment, and each one can have a damaging Domino effect on the next, if not done right. On the other hand, when executed correctly, your product can launch with optimized efficiency, quality, and performance. You have our expertise at your disposal when you partner with us, and we are as invested as you are in seeing it done right.   

We can help you select the proper materials to ensure they work successfully in your particular environment—and are also readily available and cost effective. We will help you define plating, painting, hardening, and other secondary operations that are critical to your design. Once the design is finalized, we can provide services for generating CAD drawings and bill of materials (BOMs), along with competitive, fixed-price manufacturing based on your estimated annual usage (EAU). We’ve created a resource page that explores NPI in great detail. Click here to learn how to navigate your NPI plan successfully. 

3D Printing

Another capability we provide includes the 3D printing of functional, strong parts made from carbon fiber impregnated Nylon, called Onyx. Using Markforged® equipment, this process requires little or no secondary operations after printing; it can be easily machined or threaded as required.

This printing capability gives you an alternative to a machined part, and it can be manufactured in less time, and possibly, at less cost in low volume. Think of it as an alternative path for New Product Introduction (NPI).

Working Together at the Start of Your Next Project!

Your project deserves expert attention to detail, precision, and quality. We’d also love to talk with you early on in your process about attaining your DFM, NPI, and NPD goals. Contact us now to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. If you are ready for a quote, click here to submit an RFQ.