When you contract your work to a manufacturing facility, you need to know that your parts are much more than just another job in this shop. We have a long history and deep expertise with contract manufacturing, and are well versed in engagement at all levels: design inception, design for manufacturability (DFM) to assess for improvements and efficiencies, new product introduction (NPI), and straightforward contract work.

People are as important a factor in this process as are the designs and parts. Collaborating with you is a vital piece of producing your components with the precision and quality you require. Bring us your ideas, however simple or complex, and we will help you develop them from prototype through to production.

We utilize Mastercam level 1 2021 mill and lathe software that improves efficiency in our programming and processing—throughout the entire manufacturing cycle—from set-up to completion. Whatever stage your project is at, whether just testing the design or ready for production, reach out to us with materials that integrate with Mastercam level 1, and have a DFX file or jpg image ready to upload.

Diversified Machining is able to manufacture your unique parts and components through a variety of subtractive machining methods, along with manual ones.

Experts at finding a better way, flexible and growth-focused, we view your project through a lens of possibilities and manufacturability, enabling you success, growth, and scalability.


The CNC milling process allows us to precisely shape your part or component through a machining process that “machines your materials”—aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastic, such as Delrin® (acetal), PVC, nylon, Teflon™, plexiglass—to exact specifications. We can also perform secondary operations on all castings. Experts at computer numerical control (CNC) milling, our technology allows us multi 3-axis versatility to cut and produce diverse dimensions and geometries that have intricate and complex requirements.

Milling Machines

  • TRAK CNC 3 Axis Machining Center (VMC10)
  • TRAK TMC 5
  • FANUC ROBODRILL CNC Machining Center
  • ProTRAK DPM3
  • 4 (qty) Manual Bridgeport Millers
CNC Milling Machine

CNC Lathe/Turning

Cylindrical parts are best made when turned on a lathe device—in fact, CNC turning provides superior outcomes and ultimate performance for high-volume production. Different than the milling machine, the material is turned or spun around the cutting tools, and can also incorporate drilling, grooving for ID and OD, threading, and boring. As with CNC milling, repeatability, consistency, and quality for cylindrical parts are assured with CNC lathing technology.

Lathe/Turning Machines

  • Hardinge Cobra 42 CNC
  • 14” Logan Lathe
  • 10” SouthBend Lathe
Lathe Turning

Plastics Machining

High-performance polymers are in demand for a host of reasons—from utility as prototypes to durability and cost-effective benefits. Plastics require a different expertise when CNC machining, because the material performs quite differently from metals; and we have deep experience on elements to consider when machining. We know how to program for variability in material composition and rigidity, colorant, and the plastic’s overall reaction to machining, friction, and the specific tools used in the process and precise placement in relation to the fixture.

High-performance polymers we machine include Delrin® (acetal).

Plastics customers machined parts made out of Delrin

Hand/Manual Work: Typically Performed on the Bridgeport or ProTRAK DPM3

Many businesses have specific needs that demand hand or manual work. This is true when doing new product introduction (NPI) or design for manufacturability (DFM), where there is a need to fine tune a new design and manufacture a part for proof of concept. Once all the bugs are worked out of the design, a final CAD drawing and step file can be made to allow for more automated manufacturing.

If your company needs specialty fixtures or parts, you’re in the right place. We have extensive experience tailoring work that requires manual craftsmanship. We impart precision and attention to detail that 60+ years of expertise brings to the table for you.    

Manual and Secondary Finishing Equipment

  • Light sheet-metal equipment
  • Hydraulic press
  • Arbor presses
  • Full inspection equipment
  • Tapping heads
  • Bead blasting
  • Belt sanders
  • Tumbler
  • Cut-off saw
  • Band saw
Manual Bridgeport Machine
DMI can also meet low-volume needs, create one-off solutions for repairing parts, or provide solid prototypes to slip-fit for proof-of-concept.

Mechanical and Non-Machining Secondary Operations

With our upcoming expansion into a new facility, we will have full capability to complete mechanical assembly and non-machining secondary operations. This provides you a more vertically integrated production model to keep more of the manufacturing process inhouse.

Low-Volume Machining

We’re set up to take on low-and medium-volume CNC machining productions runs. Talk to us about your needs and we will work with you to find cost-effective solutions to help you meet your requirements.  

Custom Assembly

With custom-machined metal or plastic parts, additional assembly operations are often required to complete the configuration. We can offer skilled “touch labor” to complete the final assembly operations, including electro-mechanical assembly, and provide a part at a higher configuration level.  Let us give you a quote on your application.

Working Together at the Start of Your Next Project!

Your project deserves expert attention to detail, precision, and quality. We’d also love to talk with you early on in your process about attaining your DFM, NPI, and NPD goals. Contact us now to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. If you are ready for a quote, click here to submit an RFQ.